Home made ice cream and thick milkshakes


All hand made by us using traditional Italian gelato recipes, our product contains less cream and therefore less fat than a traditional British ice cream. Importantly it also contains significantly less air than many commercially produced ice creams as it is churned far more slowly during production. This leads to a really dense luxurious product – you’ll feel the difference as you eat it.

Available in tubs or in waffle cones with all the extras you would expect (and some that you wouldn’t) – Flakes, fudge fingers, and an array of toppings & sauces. There’s always a large choice of flavours on display, which change regularly. You won’t find the flavour list on here as they change so often but you’re bound to find something you’ll love!

Most of our ice creams are GLUTEN FREE – we even offer gluten free cones! You’ll always find a choice of dairy free sorbets too. Please ask our team for details or take a look at our allergen info in the ‘Our menu’ section.

We now make a range of vegan ice cream in Royal bourbon vanilla, chocolate and cherry flavours, we’ve usually got a couple of specials too. You’ll find it in the shops and you can also order vegan ice cream and cakes via our online shop.

Rays Ice Cream take home tubs

500ml – £6.50 each or 3 for £16.25

You’ll find a selection of delicious home made flavours in our pre-packed tubs for you to take home with you. Make sure you have a good rummage to see what we’ve got – you’ll find all sorts of flavours in our tub freezers.

If you really want a specific flavour then we do take orders for tubs with payment being taken at the time of ordering, minimum 3 tubs, we usually need about a week’s notice.

Rays Ice Cream thick milkshakes

Choose a flavour from today’s selection of ice creams and we’ll make it into a refreshing, thick milkshake for you. Or why not try a delicious Chocoshake – made using a whole chocolate bar? Or a coffee milkshake for a revitalising change. Best of all we’ll serve it in a compostable Vegware cup with a straw, both made from PLA (plants not plastic).

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